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Da Ceramics is a ceramic line created by Canadian artist and designer Dasha Valakhanovitch.  Her work stems from architectural form and material exploration. Each piece, whether it be stoneware or porcelain, is thoughtfully handcrafted using unconventional tools and inventive techniques. No two pieces are exactly alike as every work is individually executed, hand painted and handled at least 20 times before completion. Each tells its own unique story of creation. 


Valakhanovitch earned her BFA from Concordia University, and an MFA from OCAD University. She has collaborated with several Toronto businesses and creatives, including Flùr, The Drake Hotel, and Solid Design Creative. In addition, she has exhibited in Toronto, Montreal, France and Belgium. Her work has been showcased at the, Gardiner Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, FOFA Gallery and Lonsdale Gallery. 

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