Are you familiar with the term seconds? It refers to ceramic pieces that are samples, or that have a slight imperfection and thus have been deemed unfit for sale at full price.

Handmade ceramics take a lot of time to make and therefore can be quite expensive to purchase for many people. Seconds are usually reduced by 25%-75% from regular prices. In selling seconds, artists are able to get more works into the hands of more people.

Seconds are not-quite-right ceramics that are still 100% functional and beautiful. Like Firsts, all Seconds will be safe and functional. I only sell works that are food safe, and seconds are no exception. The primary differentiation between Firsts and Seconds is their aesthetic quality. 

Some examples of imperfections might be: Being slightly out of round (none are wobbly), slightly smudged stamps, small bloats or chips, discolouration,  minor colour stains and crazed pieces. All are suitable for food use except for crazed items – those are marked as decorative use only and at a deeper discount.